UNLedu Framework Checker

The UNLedu Framework Checker audits your pages to ensure that the most recent framework versions are used. It will also check for various University of Nebraska–Lincoln specific standards.

Link Checker

This metric scans all links and reports links that no longer work or are redirecting.

W3C HTML Validator

The W3C HTML validator checks for html validation errors. It will only report errors and ignores notices. HTML errors are due to invalid HTML markup in your pages. They may cause inconsistent rendering and behavior between browsers.

To find and fix these errors, you can run your page though the W3C HTML validator.

aXe Accessibility Metric

aXe can't catch all accessibility errors. It'll catch many of them, but you must do manual checking as well青娱乐极品. Automated accessibility testing tools can only test about 40% of accessibility problems.

This metric tests your pages against the WCAG 2.0 level AA standard. To locate and fix errors on your page, drag this link to your browser bookmarks bar: SiteMaster Axe, then click the 'SiteMaster aXe' bookmark to run accessibility tests on any page. The bookmarklet will log information to the JavaScript Console. For best results, run the bookmarklet at a mobile width.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to improving traffic to your website. While the most important factor of SEO is the quality of the content on the page (something that can not be automatically analyzed), there are a few things you can do to improve your SEO. View more documentation on the SEO metric.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This metric uses to gauge how fast this page is. This metric is currently testing against the mobile strategy, and your page must score at or above 70% for this metric to pass.

Spelling (beta)

This spell checking metric uses several sources including , , and U.S. government name data. If there are any words that are incorrectly marked as an error, please create a site-wide override for it. When enough site-wide overrides have been created, the word will be added to a custom dictionary. View more documentation on the spelling metric.


This security metric checks for several security and privacy related problems on your site. At the moment it focuses on https usage and checks for insecure assets known as . This metric will not perform any security checks that may potentially harm your site.